Dental implants

Treatment Description

Dental implants from The Dentist at Chiswick in West London are a great way of replacing one or more missing teeth.

They are strong, permanent and extremely realistic - it's not unusual for our implant patients to tell us they often forget they're not their real teeth!

An implant is a tiny titanium post which is gently inserted into your jaw bone. Over time the bone bonds with the titanium, holding it securely in place and creating what is, in effect, a false tooth root.

Once the bonding process is complete, we then fit the titanium post with a crown, providing a new tooth that looks and feels completely natural.

Dental implants can also be used to hold bridges and dentures in place, enabling you to speak and eat with confidence.

At The Dentist at Chiswick in West London we only use Nobel Biocare (Branemark) Swedish dental implants. Branemark is the world's largest and most advanced dental implant provider. They also were the company that invented the dental implant as it is today.

West London dentist Dr Ralph Palmer Gilhooly has been Branemark trained for 15 years and is listed on Nobel Biocare's official website. He is also a longtime member of the Association of Dental Implantologists.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are artificial rots that serve as a replacement for missing teeth. Research indicates that dental implants' biocompatible surfaces actually stimulate the required fusion with the bone. Once that has been achieved, the crown, bridge, or whole tooth replacement can be fixed to the implant or implants to feel and function like natural teeth.

Teeth as individual as you are

Dental crowns and bridges are replacement teeth that are individually produced to meet your own personal needs. It is recognised that all-ceramic crowns and bridges offer the best aesthetic solution.

Bridges on implants

A bridge supported by dental implants counteracts bone loss and protects the remaining healthy teeth. If two or several teeth are missing, a bridge firmly anchored to implants provides an aesthetically pleasing functional result that helps prevent further loss of natural bone.

Removable bridge on an implant bar (solution when all teeth are missing)

The bar serves as a supporting element for a removable prosthesis and is supported by two or more dental implants. The prosthetic attaches to the bar to provide secure retention. Here again, the prosthetic can be removable for easy cleaning.

Fixed implant supported bridge

A fixed prosthesis consists of a dental implant bridge supported by four or more implants. The prosthesis is fixed firmly to the dental implants and the gum remains free. As a result, taste sensation is maintained. Screw retained bridges allow teeth to function without restrictions.

Removable tooth replacement on implants

A removable prosthetic secured on two or more dental implants using mechanical anchores, which retain the prosthetic in a very secure way. After placement, an implant-supported prosthesis largely functions and appears just like natural teeth. The sense of taste is also preserved, as the roof of the mouth is not covered with an acrylic denture. Another advantage is that the bridge can be removable for cleaning.

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