Problem solving


Tooth grinding

Tooth grinding, particularly at night, is very common, affecting up to 50% of people.

It can cause sore facial muscles, headaches, ear aches and neck pain, and can also cause the teeth to become ground down and more sensitive.

Knocked out teeth

Whatever the circumstances, if your tooth is knocked out you should seek emergency dental help immediately - the quicker you are treated the greater the chance of saving the tooth.

Sore/bleeding gums

Bleeding, sore or swollen gums can be a sign of gum disease, so it is important to visit us if you have either of these symptoms.

Jaw or headaches

Headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain and a host of other facial and jaw problems such as ringing in the ears and eye pain can often be traced back to the jaw joint.

Dry mouth

Dry mouth, or Xerostomia, is becoming increasingly common. It can be a side-effect of some medication, or can be as a result of medical conditions, or ageing.

Chewing difficulties

Chewing difficulties are most commonly linked with jaw joint problems or with dentures if you wear them.