Re-opening information

Dear patients,

After carefully observing practice openings this week, we are happy to announce that we will be officially opened from Monday 15th June.

We are aware that there will be many patients expecting an appointment for their routine dental care however due to government advice we are unable to provide that as of yet. This email will clarify what we are able to provide and the new procedures in place to keep our team and patients safe.

The phasing period of dental practices reopening will happen in three phases. Phase 1, the initial phase, only allows us to see emergency patients. We are very limited on what we provide as we cannot use any drills, depending on the emergency we will do our best to temporise the problem until permanent treatment can be provided or a referral to an NHS dental hub will have to be made. Phase 2 allows us to carry on treating emergency patients as well as providing routine dental care but we are still unable to use drills so again treatments will be very limited. Phase 3 is when we are able to provide you with treatments like normal, we are unsure when the government will allow us to get to phase 2 or 3 so please be patient with us in this transition period. We are doing everything we can for our patients to ensure you are all protected.

Online bookings will be made unavailable for the month of June and July, please call or email the practice if you would like to be seen. Only emergency appointments can be offered right now, we will slowly start introducing routine examinations a couple of weeks later.

Hygiene appointments is something which is very popular and many patients are waiting for, they will not be completed in the same manner as before due to the fact that we cannot use aerosol generating equipment unless in urgent need. Appointments will now be 45 minutes and will consist of hand scaling ONLY, this gives our hygienists more time to effectively do their job and incorporates the extra cleaning down that is now required by law. Hygiene appointments will now have a fee of £100, this includes the cost of the PPE which now has to be used and the extra surgery time we have to allocate. Patients may bring their toothbrush so at the end of the appointment they can brush away any debris. We do not have any hygiene appointments available for this month and will be very limited for the month of July, they will only be available every other Saturday and Monday with Meranda Gomez-Adams. Lucy Baxter will be due to start in August, hygiene appointments will firstly be offered to patients who's appointment had to be cancelled due to the lockdown.

Due to government advice extra personal protective equipment will have to be used in all practices, depending on the treatment the PPE will vary so please do not be shocked if you see our clinicians covered from head to toe. This is extra precautions we have to take to protect our teams and patients health.

Our price list will be reviewed and accommodated, we have to take into account extra equipment being used and longer appointment times. We will do our best to make the change fair and suitable for our patients.

During this period there are ways our patients can help us. The reception area will have limited chairs so please ensure you arrive for appointments on time, do not arrive earlier. Ensure you wait in the car or outside until you are called in by reception as the door will remain locked throughout the day. As you come through the door reception will provide you with a mask should you not be able to bring one yourself, take your temperature with a no touch thermometer and get you to place all of your personal belongings in a sealed box which will be taken into surgery. The use of hand sanitiser provided by us will be encouraged, reception will then ask you to sit on a seat with a specific number.

The day before your appointment our patients will receive a call from reception, this call is to run through the Covid-19 screening questions given to us by the government. Please note that we will NOT be able to see you if you have not passed the screening test the day before, make sure you call the practice back on 0208 994 1525 or email us at requesting a call back if you miss the call.

Please note that the practice facilities will be of limited use, this is to ensure that patients are in and out with ease.

We understand that this is a lot to digest and if you have any queries please feel free to call or email.

Thank you for being patient with us and know that we have your best interest at heart here at The Dentist @ Chiswick.

Stay safe.

Kind regards,

Dr Ralph Gilhooly and the team